Ballast Removal

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ballast removal

Ballast Removal System

Ballast Removal for Roofing

Whatever your jobsite conditions and customer preferences, ballast removal is a dirty, slow, and dangerous job. We can help you with that!

Our skid-mounted Hurricane Roof Vacuum can cut your labor costs and project time. In addition, there’s no need for gravel chutes and their accompanying mess. All around, you’ll find that simplifying ballast removal brings myriad benefits, such as:

  1. Lower labor charges
  2. Greater worksite safety for your employees and the public
  3. Greater worksite cleanliness
  4. Potential to recycle the ballast
  5. And satisfied customers!

Please call us at 1-800-307-3719 whenever you need a fast quote for ballast removal!

Specifications of our Ballast Removal Vacuum that we Bring to your Jobsite:


Trailer Mounted:

Chassis-Tandem 7000# axles – 4″x6″rectangular tube frame; four, 8 lug P245R-16 ten ply, steel belted radials. D.O.T. lighting with electric brakes.Enclosed trailer light wiring harness, sealed junction boxes.
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Power Source:

John Deere turbo-charged diesel engine, 6 cyl-170 HP.
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PTO (clutch):

Rockford 11.5″
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Vacuum Air Flow:


Roots Dresser 3300 CFM, 15″ Hg, 5 belt driven-with guard-adjustable idler pulley for belt tension.
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Filtration System:

Cyclonic Separation. Baghouse – 37 Teflon Coated, quick change filter bags with 5 station continuous reverse pulse air cleaning.High efficiency blower safety filter.
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3.5 GPM, 1800 PSI pump, direct drive.
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Lockable Fiberglass Shroud covers and protects all major components.
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Instrument Panel:

(fully enclosed)

12 volt key start, Murphy safety switch (low oil pressure/high water temp-auto shut down). Gauges: air pressure, water temp., ammeter, tachometer with hour meter, air pulse on/off switch, material vacuum and dump time controls.
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Air Compressor:

Direct drive Midland twin cyl. water cooled and oil pressure fed.Midland air dryer with electronic heater. AMSE certified air tank mounted on vibration isolators.


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