Rock Removal

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rock removal

Rock Removal

Rock Removal is Easy with our Services:

Who likes rock removal with shovels and wheelbarrows? It’s dirty, dangerous work for you and your employees, and it’s often disruptive for your customers. Fortunately there’s a better way. Actually, it’s a much better way.

Our Rock Removal Machine – Hurricane 655 Power Vacuum

Our diesel-powered Hurrican Roof Vacuum can pull river rock and pea gravel up to 1000 feet and drop it directly into a dump truck or dumpster for efficient disposal or recycling. It eliminates the dust and mess you normally get with rock removal, and can cut your labor costs and employee injuries substantially.

Rock Removal – Roofing Ballast Removal Advantages

The benefits of using our Roof Ballast Vacuuming service include:

  • reduction in labor cost;
  • speed up tear-off;
  • elimination of power brooming;
  • reduction of potential workman’s comp and injury;
  • a dust free project; and,
  • lessens disposal costs.

This solution for roof ballast rock removal is cost-effective and efficient.


Let’s make dirty, dangerous rock removal a thing of the past. Please call us at 1-800-307-3719 and we’ll provide a quick and free quote.

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