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Roof Vacuuming for Flat Roofing

Before roof vacuuming, renewing a ballasted flat roof was dirty, slow, and dangerous work.

Hand labor with shovels and wheelbarrows is brutal on employees. Air quality is terrible. The job-site mess is awkward and sometimes unsafe. The process is slow, and faces logistical issues on many job sites.

Why use a human being for a dirty, dangerous job when a machine can do it? Fortunately, we have a much better alternative! We use a powerful Hurricane Roof Vacuum for clean, efficient, and fast ballast and rock removal. This diesel-powered industrial vacuum can pull both pea gravel and ballast up to 1000 feet..

roof vacuuming

Roof Vacuuming Advantages

  • When you choose roof vacuuming, you’ll see numerous advantages:
    1. Lower labor costs
    2. Faster tear-off
    3. Dust-free projects
    4. Lower disposal costs
    5. Potential to recycle the ballast
    6. Elimination of power brooming
    7. Fewer employee injuries
    8. Fewer worker’s compensation claims.

Appropriate use of machinery results in a safer, cleaner, and faster job. All around, it’s better.

roof vacuuming dry vac

Roof Vacuuming Dry Vac

Wet Vacuum Services. At this time we DO NOT offer wet vacuuming services.Ready for a quote for roof vacuuming? Please call us at 1-800-307-3719!

roof vacuuming wet vac

Roof Vacuuming Wet Vac

Our Rock Removal Machine – Hurricane 655 Power Vacuum  

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We CAN accommodate weekend and holiday work by appointment! Contact Us now to get more details.